Up Hit Crappie Floats

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 Available in:  3g 5g Vase Shape


2.5g 3.5g 5g Ball Shape for more pop when a crappie sucks in the bait.

These floats are designed to detect the slightest hits when crappie fishing.
The floats are designed with a wider base so they can easily move due the buoyancy once the weight has been lifted off the bait.

Most crappie like to suck in the bait and slowly move up with it or to the side this float will allow you to detect any of these combinations of hits. Sometimes the crappie will take it straight down but that’s not often the case, pay close attention to the multiple colour scheme as this allows you to se the movement of the floats more accurately. These floats are best weighted to the yellow/black line as it’s easier to see the movement of the floats. 

Set up is fairly easy look in the picture for accurate set up methods.